Volkswagen’s New Electric Car Generates 10,000 Orders within 24 hours Of Launch

German carmaker Volkswagen has announced that pre-orders for the firm’s ID.3 electric hatchback has hit over 10,000 cars, all achieved in a less than 24 hours.

According to the German-based auto giant, the ID.3 is an entry-level car that prospective buyers will need to cough about 30,000 euros or close to $33,600 to acquire. VW said in a statement released Wednesday that it will be ready to ship deliveries across Europe by mid-2020.

For now, the Golf-sized car is slated to for official launch in September during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Volkswagen said that it called the new model ID.3 as the company views it representing a third phase in the company’s major car evolution. The first and second revolutions are in the form of VW’s Golf and Beetle models.

VW said in the statement that it started accepting pre-orders for its electric car on Wednesday, with interested parties asked to deposit 1,000 euros. Head of sales at the carmaker tweeted on Thursday that by morning, there had been over 10,000 registrations from all over Europe.

Though impressive, the numbers pale when compared to Tesla’s Model 3 launched in April 2016. At the time, Model 3 received 276,000 pre-orders in just two days.

For the ID.3, customers are free to place official orders at the end of the Frankfurt show. The company announced that pre=orders will become officially binding next year in April, with customer eligible for a full refund up to that date.

According to a company spokesperson, Volkswagen’s electric car is designed to be a bit more spacious than your conventional ICE, as internal combustion engines are known. The exterior design will be more like the company’s Golf model, but the interior will boast added space- more like a medium-sized car.

The ID.3 will come in three versions of 45kWh, 58kWh, and 77kWh and will also pack various speed ranges- starting at 200 miles, 261 miles and 342 miles. The battery will have a full warranty covering eight years.